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Fun with MSN
Sun Apr 2 20:19:37 2006 | Prev | Next

So I was reading my friend`s blog, and discovered that apparently there are a few saga type blog posts about them recently.

Its somewhat amusing for me since I have known them since college (where we all went). Honestly, I am glad they are doing well though. They are the poster couple as far as I am concerned for most things tech, career, relationship, or otherwise. (no, thats not a bad thing, not being snide)

But it made me think a bit if anything like this was going on behind my back and I did not know it. Well I will save you the suspense, sadly, no. The most recent linkage was this post from Scoble after all the hoopla about Vista. If you remember, I work on the Vista team on wireless networking. I sent Scoble a quick mail (did not ask him or expect him to post anything, but was just venting) about all the press and what really goes on here. He of course then posts my moblog picture that I took of our feature board (now at over 3000 views). But in the process of searching today, I did remember a bunch of neat stuff you can find about me (I will save you the trouble of searching).

First, lets just get a few things out of the way. I am not:
+ A Lacrosse player
+ A Chemistry professor
+ An owner or operator of an Iowa grain company
+ A Canadian technology pundit
+ The namesake of an elementary school in Puyallup (pronouned: pew-al-up)

However, I did find some rather old (some not so old) links out there:

+ I have written a review on amazon...which actually someone sent me mail about once asking how to get rid of a virus...sigh.
+ When I created my blog, I posted the geneology at blogtree.
+ After my freshman year of college, I made a computer based image and submitted it for a contest. (Search for stewart)
+ In high school, I recieved the honor of being included in TN state law(warning PDF).
+ In college I would occaisionally post to the se2600 mailing list. (and go to meetings, but thats a story for another time)
+ More recently I am a contributing author to an OReilly book.
+ And along with that, I also put a CarPC in my jeep.

There were many more links, but these I think are the interesting ones.

Well enough wasting time I suppose.


Posted by: j.p.

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