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Another Where is J.P. Post...
Sun Mar 19 16:50:23 2006 | Prev | Next

Its been a while since I have posted here. There are many reasons for this.

The first is that I have been working a lot (go figure). I am now extremly versed and experienced in the process of building the entire windows OS from the ground (er code) up. Why, you might ask? Well because part of my role on my team for the last 4 months or so has been to ensure that the code that we work on makes in into the main code for the product. I am not sure how much I can talk about it (there is a lot to know), but basically there are a lot of things which have to happen and on time, in the right order, etc for a team`s code to make it to main. Some teams have a person dedicated to this full time (Honestly its more than a full time job). However I was working on this, everything I owned already, and managing everyone on my team as well and what they were working on. Lets just say this is challenging. Thankfully, for the last few weeks someone else has owned this process (though I have helped out where necessary). But suffice to say that I now know a hell of a lot about EXACTLY the method and means for which the windows operating system is built. Its pretty amazing actually. I wish I could tell more about it.

The second reason is that I am still somewhat unsure as to the audience of this site. Because of this reason I am also unsure as to the content which I should post. Most of the time recently when I have wanted to say something, I start thinking about the people who may read this and decide not to say anything at all. I think its something about the fact that I know of others who don`t know who is reading their blog and see personally how it affects how others talk about them.

And finally is the fact that I have just not felt very talkative lately. I just try to sleep any chance that I get really and thats about all I have time for usually.

For those keeping track, I went to the hospital again for my normal 6 week checkup. The bones still are not healed yet (its strange to see gaps in your bone), but they are definitly getting better. The doctors say it may be June before they are healed. Thank goodness for the steel though which allows me to lead a somewhat normal life while the bones take their time.


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