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Results of the latest hospital visit
Fri Jan 27 00:07:37 2006 | Prev | Next

Well today I got back from the hospital again. The prognosis is again good. No more crutches, no more walking boot, and I can finally drive again. They said that my bones are healing well. I brought back xrays on cd as well. So here is a recap of all the images thus far and the dates they were taken:

X-Rays from 10/23/2005 and 10/26/2005 (high-res images in zip)

X-Rays from 12/08/2005 (high-res images in zip)

X-Rays from 01/26/2006 (high-res images in zip)

Thats all for now, feel free to send email if you have questions.


Posted by: j.p.

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