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On Good Coffee...
Sat Dec 24 03:52:46 2005 | Prev | Next

Ok, I have spoke very good things about work on this blog in the past.

I am now going to take a moment and talk about something (there is more than one, but this is one I think could be fixed) which I think is really bad.

That is the coffee at work.

Actually, the coffee itself (while bad in itself) may actually be tollerable if the caraf`s were cleaned daily. However, depending on what floor you are on and in what building, your coffee maker may or may not be cleaned. Also it may still have coffee 24 hours old in it...who knows.

So the combination of the generic "Farmer`s Brothers" coffee plus the sad state of the METAL carafs that are in the coffee makers just make the coffee taste REALLY bad. Even if you add a ton of sugar and chocolate milk (which I always have to).

Sometimes I wonder if this is a deliberate tactic though by msdining. They have coffee stands in most (if not all) cafes. Its like a starbucks (they "use" starbucks coffee and use the "brand" on all the cups) but the baristas are not trained and it does not taste the same at all. Oh, and did I mention it gets expensive since they charge the same as starbucks.

Well, I have found MY solution. I have a coffee maker in my office. I store whole beans in the freezer and only grind them as I need them. Every day, I brew my own coffee, and its well worth it.

With the crazy hours that we work (I worked several 10-12 hour days lately, and have worked 16 hour days for days on end in the past), I would think that better coffee (more than just the company, but the makers and maintnance as well) would be worth it for us. This may just be me...but I also notice how many people buy coffee downstairs (which takes time away from working ;)), or bring coffee from home.

Until then, I will continue to grind coffee every day.


Posted by: j.p.

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