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I am an ID10T
Wed Sep 22 09:09:35 2004 | Prev | Next

Wow, I feel really dumb now.

So last week I went to the Seattle weblogger`s meetup and met some new people (normal) as well as met the regulars as well. I got to sit next to someone who said that they had just moved here from boston and liked living in the city so far. We had some interesting conversations (honestly I mostly listened), took some pictures (I got the flash on his camera to work), and I would say had a nice time.

Well it just so happened that the Seattle Times was there and took some pictures of the event. I gave my name of course not knowing if I would actually end up in the paper or not, and then waited for the article.

Well, TODAY is that day apparently. There are two articles on this:

Blogging guru stops, for a while, in Seattle
Web logs catch fire as kindling for change

WOW, I feel dumb. So apparently the person that I was sitting next to this evening was Dave Winer. Hehehe, thats really really funny because I know that I almost went to a lunch with him just the previous week, yet apparently did not know what he looked like. Also this proves how bad I am with names. I dont think that I ever heard him say his last name to me. I am sure that we exchanged names, but I think that it was just first names. In that picture which is on the top link, I am actually sitting just to his right and out of frame.

You can read Dave`s Blog here.

In other news there is plenty to write about lately, but I have been spending most of my free time writing the software for the carpc (which is installed now). More on this and other stories later.

Posted by: j.p.

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