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Average Joe confounds again....and other crazy stories
Wed Apr 7 02:16:56 2004 | Prev | Next

OK, so as you may have guessed by now, I have been watching all of the various Average Joe Episodes. Today, I just caught the final episode of "Adam Returns" (I had it on tivo from Monday). Well, apparently stupid decisions are not limited to the Women (refs: entry1 and entry 2), but this time the tables were turned and the Man made a crappy decision as well. I was used to it this time. In my previous entries I was pretty upset about it and not happy that the "non-average" guy was picked in each case (although Adam is not really that average). This time I am used to it. I have realized a few things. The first is that fame and attention changes things. I have realized that the whole fact that this guy was on the show before and now is on again as the main star DOES change things and changes who he is and his decisions....(ahem...see Heisenberg). Also its TV, so I would not put it past the producers to have some part in the final decision as well.

Well this time around though, the person that I really liked from the very begining (both because I thought that she was the most "real" person there and because I really liked the things she said about herself) was one of the final two. AND of course once again the person that WAS chosen in the end was one of the people that I thought for sure would NOT be chosen because of a number of reasons. I guess that means that I would either not make an interesting contestant on the show, or that they pick the show contestants because they know this can happen. Well, life goes on and another bad choice is made by a Average Joe person. Nothing is new.

On a side note, I stumbled across my favorite contestant`s web page and sent her a short email. Turns out that she lost her job by being on the show.

Anyways...on to other information...

This weekend was fun. Friday night I went out to a nice restaurant for dinner then to bowling downtown. Saturday I went to the Passport to Woodinville weekend, and got to visit 12 different wineries. This was my favorite winery, while this (see: LATE HARVEST SAUVIGNON BLANC) was my favorite wine. Afterwards, I got to go out on the lake for the first time this year. Wooo! I was reminded how much I like being out on the water. I have some pictures from both of these events, but have not posted them yet, I will in the next few days.

Sunday was a day for riding and driving. I started the day with a 70 mile or so ride in the mountains, and then later that day did some exploring in the jeep along the northeast end of Lake Washington. And, finally doing more exploring around Woodinville at the end of the day. This totaled 187 miles for the day total. Whew! I have pictures of this too which I will post soon.

Also, I got the box for the memory of the carpc.....THEY SENT THE WRONG ITEM AGAIN. They send an SD card this time....not even pc100 memory. I have emailed them immediately (as I did before)...but as before...I have gotten no response. I will not buy from them again. More on this later...bed time.


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