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The love and hate of MapPoint automation
Fri Apr 9 01:10:57 2004 | Prev | Next

Well, I both love and hate mappoint automation. So far its been good to me, but I already know there are things I want to do that it can not do.

I do a lot of exploratory driving and riding. Just to see places take pictures...say that I have been somewhere.

I would like to record where I have been.

Mappoint as an application only has the option to TELL you where to go, rather than where you have been.

Write a C# app using the MapPoint control which can easily create routes based on where you click (the problem in the application is that while this is possible, it wants to rearrange the points for you. In my app they are in the correct order.

A Map outlining a journey based on points along the way...

Future Problems:
Well, I found out that the mappoint control does not support reading GPS all. Apparently it has something to do with licensing and legal stuff, but thats annoying since the application supports it fine. I am not there yet though, but that would have made a nice addition to this app.

I love how easy it was to prototype this in C#. This all only took about 2 hours or so to complete.

On other fronts, there are MORE problems with the place I bought memory from...they sent another wrong (even more wrong) part, and I have to send it back. I am not liking all the effort I have to put into this to fix their mistakes....but I will talk more on that later. For now its bed time.


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