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Where art thou...
Tue Dec 9 02:28:23 2003 | Prev | Next

Ok, so I have been noticibly absent from here. There is way too much to do other than just sit at the computer. Unfortunately, even when I HAVE free time, I have really not been motivated to do much other than just relax.

So since last I blogged, I went to Whistler, BC for thanksgiving. I had a good time there, although its hard to snowboard three days in a row. (Very Tiring)

The first day there, there was a TON of snow that came down. That made it awesome for the next day (although it also rained some, so that did not help).

Ok, well there is much more to blog about (Thanksgiving, work, sleep, parties, etc.), but its late, and I still dont have the time.

But what got me back into blogging was the fact that I watched the finale of "Average Joe" (I think it was on Fox). I have made it very clear here before that I have always been a geek growing up, and in fact now wear that label rather proudly. While not any of the guys on the show are really like me, I could at least relate to their situations a bit. (For those that have not seen the show and want to...just a warning, but I am about to give away the ending.) Towards the end of the series, they bring in three really good looking guys that have perfect bodies (the other guys on the show have more "realistic" figures). While I can see how this would help the ratings of the show as it immediately creates conflict, I was very dissapointed that they did not keep to the whole concept of the show. Even the name of the show was no longer accurate. Of course the other non good looking guys (sans one or two) were eliminated at this point in favor of the new guys. Its not that I dont understand why, its just that this is really dissapointing.

But then it almost seems that all is restored. In the finale, its down to two final guys. One is one of the original average Joes, and the other was one of the guys that came in at the last moment. The "average joe" is having such a great time with the woman (who is Miss Missouri btw), and everything seems to be going ok, but then of course they show the same for the other guy too.

While I know that so much of these shows is changed in editing, all I saw was the edited part, so that is all that I have to go on...(basically I could be wrong). But, based on what I saw, she seemed to have a much better time (laugh more, smile more, be more real, etc...) with the "average joe" vs. the perfect guy. It seemed like it was going to live up to the hopes and dreams that the show created in the first place. Until the final episode where we find out that the woman chose the better looking guy, and while she did not say it, it sounded like it was because she was just attracted to him more. This fucking sucks. This just re-affirms my constant distaste with the social order of our society. I have always told myself growing up that it was ok that I wasn`t perfect, and that all would be redeemed in the end by all the hard work that I put towards everything throughout my life. So far in MY life this has been the case. Everything has happened for a reason and for the best, and it seems that hard work always pays off in the end. But then I see this show, and I see a life somewhat similar to mine (ok not really, but enough for me to think about this...) where a guy that is a millionaire by 27 on his own hard work, and has a nice group of friends, and seems to lead a really good and fulfilling life was just tossed aside simply for the fact that there was someone else that looked a little better than he did. This really chaps my hide. While I am partially mad at the woman for being somewhat of a liar, I am mostly mad at the network for creating this crappy situation. Why must they constantly re-inforce the back-assward ideals of teenage and high-school life? These people were grown adults past 26, why must the network continue to enforce the notion that looks can get you anywhere and it really does not matter how hard you work at something?

And you know whats even worse? They showed a preview of the next show, and its going to be even worse. They are going to make it even MORE about looks in the next one than it was in this one. I am so mad about this. This only hurts society as there are some that absorb the behavior that they see on tv and then emulate that. I dont want to get into all the arguments just over that, but I mean really, why is it that the creators of the show feel that they must exploit others misfortunes? Ok, so its too early in the morning (as in late at night), and I am losing exactly what my argument in my mind is. So I should go to bed really soon. Although I may want to talk about this more later.



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