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Sun Sep 29 21:26:55 2002 | Prev | Next

Welcome to getting to know J.P. chapter 2.

In this episode I talk about leaving KS. At the time I was very unhappy with the fact that we were leaving KS. I had lots of friends there. I had been there from 1st grade until 9th grade. Switching high schools is such a hard thing to do. At least I switched half way through freshman year. This at least allowed 3.5 years at my new high school.

Speaking of high school, I really liked the school system in Lenexa. Shawnee Mission Public Schools are some of the best in the country. Also the high school that I was in was really big. There were a lot of people there. At my new school, there were not as many people. This has its good points and its bad points. The good points are that it is easier to stand out amongst all the students. And that was actually a bad thing as well. Sometimes I really just dont want to be noticed, and like it when I blend in. But I think Ill talk more about that around chapter 13. (stay tuned)

In any case, my school in Nashville was not exactly as advanced or as well funded as the school in KS. Even thought that was the case though, it turns out that I fit in with the curriculum in Nashville better than I did in KS. I say that because I remember that I was not exactly doing very well in school in KS, but once I got to TN, I did VERY well in school. That trend continued through senior year as well. (Although I did suffer a little from the senior slide, but not enough to really matter.)

Besides getting better grades, it turns out that I actually made more friends in Nashville than I had in KS. I ended up in so many clubs before I graduated (Math, Marching Band, Jazz Band, and Theater to name a few) that I might not have experienced at the school in KS (yet one will never know).

Then there is the question of whether I would have gotten into a place like Vanderbilt in KS. I know that if my grades remained the same as they were, I probably would not have.

In the end I guess that you could say that I was glad that we moved to Nashville. I had plenty of good experiences and my life was undeniably changed because of it. Sometimes I think back about what would have happened, but I dont think about it long anymore since things turned out so well.

Not much going on in realtime today. It has been a pretty slow day. I did add a guestbook to my main page though. If you have time, feel free to sign it to let me know that you were here. (Guestbook)

Right now I am sitting here waiting for the premiere of Alias. I really like that show. The only thing that I really dont like is that every week they leave you hanging. While I realize that they do that on purpose, I cant stand it. It just makes me squirm with anticipation.

This week it was worse though my tivo flipped to ABC at just the right time, and OOPS football is on. I REALLY hate it when sporting events go over. It really messes up my tivo. There should be a way to have the tivo know that the event went long. I see the "would you like to record this" messages during ads for upcoming shows. This must mean that the tivo can read signals from the tv. You would think that there would be a way to tell the tivo "WAIT, STOP, dont record yet!", and then tell it to start when the stupid sports match is over.

Well Alias is on now, and this entry is kinda long, so stay tuned next week for more information about Vanderbilt.


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